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Becky Freaney

“I  found my holy grail that was Kilkenny College of Beauty and Sports Therapy.  Now when I first emailed the college I had enquired about the full Beauty Therapist course.  I was then contacted via phone call by the owner of the college Lynn Dowling . Lynn went into great detail about the course and explained it so amazing to me , I think she new by my voice that I wasn’t to sure about doing the full package as I was drawn on Makeup . Lynn then informed me of a course she was thinking of running but wasn’t to sure how it would go, this was the one for me. ITEC Qualification in Makeup Artistry & a Degree in fashion Media and photography makeup. Every Tuesday and second Wednesday from 6.30-9.30 ! I was hooked ! This worked so well for me with a new born baby as her bedtime was 7.00pm and David was always home at those times.
Fast Forward to November same year 2017 .
I started in Kilkenny College .
This course was jam packed with everything a Makeup artist needed from the INGLOT kit to the NIMA brushes , the expertise from aisling Nolan who was my tutor,  communication, dedication and drive !
I learned so much and made friends for life along the way !
Lynn was exceptional the whole way through our course, no matter what time of day she was there to lend a helping hand . If I could go back and do it all again i would. You don’t need to be the best of the best . Start small and work your way up .  I’m still learning now . I finished college in March 2018 and got my result in May 2018. I did it! I made something of myself ! I worked my butt off for my daughter and boyfriend! I showed everyone who said I would never do anything after having a baby. I feel proud every time I walk into my beauty room and see what I have achieved and made. I couldn’t do it without the support of david, my family,his family and my college course .
If you want something you need to get up and go for it ! Life is to shirt for ifs & buts . Going to college has changed my life for the better . Onwards and upwards from here !”